What is Crypton Network


Crypton Network is a new financial instrument that plans to launch
its own exchange, making the token in short supply

New decentralized token CRYPTON with burning function

The Crypton Network ecosystem with the launch of the airdrop is gathering an army of fans to launch its own exchange in the future with the aim of accelerating the internal burning of tokens.

Our goal is to make our token scarce. After the airdrop, the listing price of the token will be set at $0.005, but after the launch of the exchange, we will accelerate the internal burning of Crypton tokens, the price may rise to $5 or $10, and we will be able to compete. And trade on other exchanges.

By participating in the free distribution, you will become the holders of a rare token that can change your financial position in the future.

What is Crypto?

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Crypton network token event map

This section reflects the roadmap of events for the Crypton Network token.
We have big plans for the development of the token. And creating your own NFT projects that will affect the rise in prices.

August 2021
Launch of CRYPTON NETWORK token Live Now
August 2021
Website development for the CRYPTON NETWORK platform Live Now
August 2021
Creation of official pages on all possible storage networks. Live Now
August 2021
Launch of a large-scale Airdrop for the distribution of free tokens and pre-sale tokens Live Now
May 2022
Listing 30% of CRYPTON NETWORK tokens on the pancakeswap exchange at the price of 1 CRYPTON = 0.005$
June 2022
Launch of its own exchange of trading tokens to accelerate the internal combustion of CRYPTON.
July 2022
Launch of NTF platform for creative people
August 2022
Drawing of NFT prizes between holders of CRYPTON NETWORK tokens
Documents, Terms & Conditions


In this document, you can familiarize yourself with all the conditions of our Crypton network project.
The document is presented in English, available for reading in PDF format.



We strive to always be transparent with our community and continue our efforts to make Crypton Network a defective coin in the market.

Check out our white papers to learn about our vision for the future of the Crypton Network. Also, this document contains information about launching our own exchange and about launching an airdrop.

Crypton Network aims to bring instant rewards to holders through deflationary tokens and static reflection. If you missed your chance at Shiba Inu, then don't miss it! Get free tokens and join our growing community.


Questions and answers

In this section, you will find answers to the most common questions.
Technical support does not always have time to answer all questions, but you can read the answers to the
most common questions in this section.

After the launch of our own exchange, we will actively add other tokens to circulation, and in each transaction, our Crypton token will be used as a commission. In every transaction, the token will be burned, making it scarce.
After the launch of the exchange, a listing section will appear on the site, where everyone can apply for a listing for free.
For each transaction, the token will be 0.01% of the transaction, additionally burning the Crypton token instead of the commission.
Crypton Network token listing is scheduled for May 05, 2022 at 12:00, but may be earlier if the token pre-sale ends. If there are changes, we will inform you about this in the Telegram group and on our social networks.
The Crypton Network token will be listed on the Pancake swap exchange in the future, if there is a listing on other exchanges, we will inform you about it on our social networks.
The price of the Crypton Network token will be 0.005 USD for one Crypton token, but this price will rise when the token starts burning for each transaction.
Experience shows that over time, a lot of inappropriate spam appears in the Telegram group, and our team decided to create a Telegram channel where the main news part will be published.
If you have a marketing proposal, you can write to us in Gmail and send all the data. If we find it necessary, our manager will contact you by telegram. Here is our official address networkcrypton1@gmail.com
Token Information

How claim airdrop

In this section, you will find out how you can get the message
about the distribution of the Crypton Network token


Token information

How to buy a token through Trust wallet

Simply visit trustwallet.com and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the de-fi market. (Remember to never share your seed phrase).

Load your wallet with $BNB

Purchase BEP20 BNB to fund your Trust Wallet or Meta Mask wallet.

Android: Open in Trust Wallet

Copy the airdrop page, go to the trust wallet in the browser section, paste the link into the browser change the network to binance Smart Chan, pay the minimum transaction fee, and get 20,000 free Crypton Network tokens.

Decimals: 18
Contrast: 0xc22a8295e4d6adb5578aa9fe04e288b9bc42ca3a
Listing price: 1 CRYPTON = 0.005 USD
Listing time: 01.05.2022



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